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Mechanical Engineering Services.


Mechanical Engineering services

  1. 2D drafting Services
  2. 2D to 3D Conversion
  3. Data Conversion and Integration
  4. Product Design and Development
  5. Reverse Engineering and Prototyping
  6. Jigs and Fixtures Design and Development

How we work


The idea

The content and design of our unique services follow the detailed and optimal approach in order to convey our understanding of the business challenge and corresponding value proposition in a simple and lucid format.


Behind the work

we have built a portfolio of services covering all the disciplines of industry which we have created, based on an in-depth analysis on the industry segmentation, emerging trends and different multi-activity customer needs.


The Success

Rapsol Technologies have maintained efficiency in delivering cost effective quality professional services for all your needs. For every need, we have a service and for every problem we have a solution.



2D drafting Services

We have maintained efficiency in delivering cost effective quality professional Drafting services to produce drawings in a wide range of file formats. We rebuild drawing sheets to create dimensionally accurate, layered drafts based on the client needs.


2D to 3D Conversion

Professional engineers are qualified to perform any 2D to 3D conversion in manufacturing drawing, aerospace drawing, defense department drawing, 2D paper drawing into 3D CAD file, hardcopy documents into 3D CAD programs.


Data Conversion and Integration

We have agility of absorbing data of any type/scale and processing that data for different business needs.In the multi-stage process of data conversion, unorganized data is converted to a more suitable, easy-to-access format.


Product Design and Development

Virtual Prototypes are Conceived, Created using Premier CAD Software, Analyzed and Developed using Rapid Prototyping Processes.We expertise in handling large projects in the automotive, agricultural, material handling and space applications.


Reverse Engineering and Prototyping

We provide 3D scanning equipment which enables to capture an image and import the solid model into a CNC machine using CAM Works to machine one or more parts, which are virtually identical to the original subject.It is beneficial to the product inspection and quality control process.


Jigs and Fixtures Design and Development

The concept of feature based modelling lets to access simulation applications that can help in analyzing production processes. It also serves in manufacturing applications, assembly design aids are aimed at directly relating tooling models and fixture designs to the geometry of the work pieces.

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Experience Excellence...