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Training Services.


Training services

  1. Aerospace / Automobiles / Mechanical
  2. Architectural / Structural / Electrical
  3. Project planning and Management
  4. Web design and development
  5. Programming languages / Testing
  6. Corporate Trainings

How we work


The idea

The content and design of our unique training services follow the detailed and optimal approach in order to convey our understanding of the concepts and corresponding value proposition in a simple and lucid format.

Best Training Institute In Bangalore


Behind the work

we have built a portfolio of training services covering all the disciplines of industry which we have created, based on an in-depth analysis on the industry segmentation and emerging trends.

Best Training Institute In Bangalore


The Success

Rapsol Technologies have maintained efficiency in delivering cost effective quality professional training services for all your needs. For every need, we have a service and for every problem we have a solution.

Best Training Institute In Bangalore



Aerospace / Automobiles / Mechanical

We Train Students on Mechanical CAD Softwares, We have Well experienced Working Professionals working in Aerospace Industries making Rapsol Technologies as the Best Aerospace CAD Training Institute / Center in bangalore , the trainers are very well versed with the most sophisticated software for CAD in the world and train the Aerospace Students on the latest trends on Aerospace CAD Software. The Expert CAD / Design Engineers working in Automobile ReSearch and Design Industries Come to Rapsol Technologies to share their Knowledge and Making Rapsol Technologies as One Of the Best CAD Training Institute / Best CAD Center in BAngalore, The Engineers Working in CAE making Use of the Best Sophisticated Software and train the Students in Computer Aided Engineering Making Rapsol Technologies as the Best CAE Training Center / Institute In Bangalore.The Working Professionals From Mechanical Industries having a decent Experience Who come here to share their knowledge out of passion teach the students with Working / Live Projects Where students get realitme Exposure to Design Industries, Making Rapsol Technologies as the Best Training Institute For Mechanical CAD in Bangalore.

We are the Best Mechanical CAD Training Institute In Bangalore

Whether it is an Aerospace Industry on an Automobile Industry or a Mechanical Industry, You can simply consider Rapsol Technologies as the Best Training Institute For CAD in Bangalore, As the Best CAD Training institute in Bangalore We have the operations center in Jayanagar 9th Block and We can Proudly say that Rapsol Technologies is the Best CAD CAM CAE training Institute in jayanagar. Each and Every module is Designed by the Industry experts considering the Latest Technological Advancements, Hence The student who has learnt CAD CAM CAE from the Best Mechanical CAD Institute in Bangalore is Tailor ready to attend Intervies and can Easily crack tool tests as we are the Best CAD Institute in Bangalore will make students with the Working models and help them build their portfolios.

The Portfolios Created By the Students are Showcased to industries and the students with portfolios From The Best CAD CAM CAE Training Institute in Bangalore, Rapsol Technologies Stand apart from the students with out portfolios and hence has an higher chance of getting placed in Design Field very easily.

We have our own Elevator Company called ULTIMATECH ELEVATORS PVT LTD So we will take the Selected interested Students To the manufacturing unit and the students will have an exposure on how the elevator components are actually made using CNC machines. The Students who gets trained from the Best CAD training Institute in Bangalore will never learn a software blindely with outy understanding any concepts, instead we teach our students on how to explore the industry through making the students interacting with the industry experts.

Best Mechanical CAD CAM CAE Training Institute In Bangalore

Architectural / Structural / Electrical

The Artchitects, Civil Engineers, BIM / MEP Engineers and Electrical Engineers who are passionate in their field teach and train our students and share their expertise with them.

The Most Experienced Architects visit The Best Architectural CAD Training Institute In Bangalore , teaching the Most sophisticated software for Architecure, As Architecutre is the Most creative industry, We Give our Students the most unique and Creative Knowledge from the Most experienced architects making Rapsol Technologies the Best CAD Center / Institute in BAngalore.

The Architects Teach the Students with working projects explaining them the real time scenarios, hence our students can Easily build their portfolios on Architecture and interor Designing

Once the Architectural CAD Course is completed at Rapsol Technologies, The Best Architectural CAD institute in Jayanagar, Bangalore, The Students can easily approach any Architectural Company and show their portfolios and hence getting job will be very easy and If the Student wants to work as a freelancer then the portfolio they had created at Rapsol Technologies, The Best CAD Center in Bangalore can Show their Designs / models to the clients and start earning as Freelancer architects.

We are the best Architecture Training Institute in Bangalore

Structural CAD :

When It Comes For Structural Designs, More than learning a tool, Knowing the experience is much helpful, Hence The Best Training Institute For Civil CAD, Rapsol Technologies, Will Take the students to construction sites and Show how the Designs they make in the software is really implemented

As We have our Own Construction Firm We Take our students to the site and the Engineers on the site will show how exactly the CAD drawings are been implemented, This exposure We provide to our students will help the students to practically improve their skills intead of blindely listening to the boring lectures. This Makes Rapsol Technologies the most Unique and The Best Civil CAD training Institute in Bangalore.

We are the Best MEP training Institute In bangalore

Best Civil CAD Training Institute In Bangalore

Project planning and Management

We Have the best Planning Managers From the best industries who come here in their free time to share their knowledge. Best Training Institute In Bangalore. The Project Planning Managers are well experienced in Project Planning and Management.

Best Training Institute in Jayanagar

Best Training Institute In Bangalore

Web design and development

We are the Best Web Design and Development Company in Bangalore, We train our students with the live projects the we work on. The students here get more Practical knowledge other than boring theories which actually keep you interested in designing the website.

We are the best Web Design and Development Training Institute In Bangalore, Jayanagar

Best Web Design and Development Training Institute In Bangalore

Programming languages

Whether it might be Php or Java or even Python, We have the best coders / programmers who Has coding in their DNA. You will Getcomplete practical knowledge on the programming language you choose as you will be working along with us in our ongoing projects.

We are the Best Java, Python, Php training Institute in Bangalore, Jayanagar

Best Python, Java, Php Training Institute In Bangalore

Corporate Trainings

We Love Weekends, any corporates / Working Professionals can contact us for any training with respect to their domain, We will get you the best trainers as you desire. and yes We work on Weekends and is the best time to upgrade your skills.

We are the best Training Institute in Bangalore, Jayanagar

Best Training Institute In Bangalore For CAD, Java, Python , PHp Web design and Development.

Student testimonials

I had joined for web development course .The training was excellent,interactive as the trainer was working as professional and had very good knowledge in web technologies.I had a real time experience and had friendly nature and sessions were good.I am grateful to Rapsol technologies team....



I joined here for web technologies training, initially, I taught of visiting 4 to 5 institutes to compare and select the best one, the common thing wat I found was that all the people just tried to convince to join their institute some how, but this was completely different in rapsol technologies, they just told me the reality of IT companies, they dint assure me for placements, initially I was worried but they explained me each and every thing in a proper manner and then I got the assurance that after completing the course I will be able to crack any interviews as these people actually work on live websites, now I completed the training along with one live website I uploaded in my resume, now I got a job as front end developer from their reference itself. I strongly recommend rapsol technologies for web development training for practical and live project based training.



Hi, i did my professional in architectural design course, in Rapsol Technologies Pvt Ltd, which took 3 months to complete, first of all i need to thank them for guiding me in a proper way by giving all the industrial facts and helping me in deciding how to choose my career. after joining the course the trainer taught me in a highly professional way as she is working for a MNC, she made me work on all industrial models, which helped me in cracking the interview, one must try rapsol for their career growth .



I had taken up a CAE training at Rapsol ,the trainer is good and clarifies the doubts effectively ,overall its a nice place to take your training with any mechanical software be it design or analysis.

Krithik raj


First thing to talk about Rapsol Technologies was they were really polite and we can get friendly environment here.Coming to course, I took Revit architecture & structures for a month .It was quite good and they teach us in a way giving live plans.So, I assure when anyone need of this course can get here.

Chemalapati Hemalatha


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